Celes Arca is an android RPG that was published and developed by Asobimo studio in Japan. This game was more customized that enables you to create your own character heroes that makes the gameplay more interesting and inspiring. Its graphics is more enhanced with its awesome 3D MMORPG which is also released to Google Play.

Celes Arca which can be played in androids features more than 10 trillion bizarre dress patterns which you can suitably combine to dress your own favorite character. There are also wide ranges of avatars as well as fighting tools which you can choose and perfectly match with the dress. You can freely make your own dress fashion which you can use in your adventure and develop the type of character into a fighter that you like it to be such as gunner type, Mage type, or Fighter type.

This game has several awesome elements which you can use in your adventure and in solving the problems of the people by achieving your mission. The Celes Arca which has a stunning graphics has a very stimulating game play. The location of the story is in the mysterious rocks and toppled buildings that fell down from the sky during the ancient times. You will voluntarily join the group of brave knights named Templum knight and discover the mystifying side of the other world.

The battles that you are going to encounter in Celes Arca has a simple command type that allows even the newbie to play and enjoy the game in android device. This has a gameplay that will allow you to join in the adventurous world of fantasy with other players online. The following are guides that will help new players in playing this awesome entertainment. There are directions provided on how to move in the fantasy world. An interaction menu is available which you can easily open by pressing, tapping, or clicking the ok once the locked on is signified. You can already aim another player once you’ve seen the yellow signal flashing.

For the battle control there are target selections which you can utilize in fighting against your enemies. There are lists of battle command that gives you options to weapons that you are going to use during the attack. You will learn and develop the skills that are needed to defeat your adversaries and how to use the restorative items that will help you restore your stamina. As you advance in your the adventure you will also have the chance to obtain powers that you can utilize in powerful attacks. The full green bar indicates that you still have enough strength to win the battle. It also allows you to be connected to the world through playing online. Playing it online will provide you immense information which is relevant information to the character that you have chosen as you are advancing in every level and receive other player’s messages. It also allows you to chat or text your nearby players and joins in group conversation. Celica Arca also boosts your socialization and gives you the opportunity to meet other people from different places around the world.