If you have been an avid fan of David Beckham and are dreaming of having great kicking power like his, playing FIFA Soccer 13  is surely a great way to start your training. The twentieth game in Electronic Arts’ FIFA series of association football video games, FIFA Soccer 13 is set for release on September 2012. Definitely, this FIFA soccer video game should not be compared with Pro Evolution Soccer anymore. Since it has already established its own identity and mark in its own genre, the FIFA 13 video game has raised the standard for the FIFA soccer video game series.

For those who have closely followed the FIFA soccer video game series, the ton of tweaks, tucks and modifications to the in-game engine will surely be noticeable. If evaluated individually, the modifications may not be that obvious. However, summing up all these modifications would reveal a significant impact on how the game progresses. These changes end up making FIFA Soccer a more improved version of the earlier episodes. Compared to the earlier episodes, FIFA Soccer 13 is a more realistic and authentic version of the sport.

The unpredictability of this exciting sport has turned out to be the biggest advantage that FIFA Soccer 13 has to offer. In FIFA Soccer 13, the movement and bouncing of the ball in the air are also more realistic. In addition, the player’s overall score significantly determines his or her ability to control the movement of the ball. Thus, a player who performs well in the game will have greater power in controlling where the ball will go. The ability of the players to push and pull each other also helps intensify the action in the game. Hilarious animations you have seen in previous FIFA Soccer video game episodes have already given way for extremely painful graphics.

FIFA’s new dribbling controls have also been incorporated in this new episode of the popular soccer video game. Better precision has also been exhibited in controlling the ball in FIFA 13. This episode also features a breathtakingly simple game interface. FIFA Soccer 13 also expands the array of options available for attackers. The additional attacking options include adding fake kick-takers and playing the ball into space. Defense has also been granted with a new set of options in squaring up to a free kick. They can mark potential header threats or add potential players.

With all of these exciting additions, one can surely describe FIFA Soccer 13 as a major step from its predecessors. The earlier FIFA Soccer video game episodes will certainly pale in comparison to the new version. If you want your own share of the adrenaline rush during an actual soccer game, FIFA Soccer 13 is definitely the game to get. Though the complete new gameplay mechanics are still to be revealed, the on-pitch experience feels rock solid as it is now. Football fans are undeniably in for a treat through FIFA Soccer 13.


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